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A challenge has been issued...

And anyone that knows us, also knows that we love a challenge!

Several weeks ago, Joe mentioned our funding shortfall, which unfortunately, has not improved a great deal in light of the tragic events of September 11th and the increased giving to relief organizations.

Operation Migration pioneered the recovery technique currently being used to safeguard the Whooping crane from possible extinction. The work that we are doing right now can't wait for the world crisis to sort itself out. We need to get these beautiful, endangered cranes to Florida and their new winter home.

As one of the founding members of the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, OM has a commitment to raise our share of the 1.3 million dollar budget for this years project. Being the smallest partner in terms of staff, with one of the largest budgets due to both the nature of our work and the unpredictability of the weather we face - we are still short on our commitment by just over $17,000.00. Unfortunately, due to the poor weather we have encountered since departing Necedah, WI, our expenses are increasing.

To meet our obligation we need to raise this amount by the time the migration team delivers the birds to Florida. 

A very generous friend to OM has stepped forward with an offer to match each dollar raised between now and the cranes arrival at their final destination! This means every dollar you donate will be doubled, giving us twice the chance to meet our goal and cover the additional expenses incurred during the migration flight. We are asking for your help - No amount is too small. If you can send $1.00 it will become $2.00. Every contribution will be doubled!

Your generosity will help cover the following expenses:

$15 Buys one 50lb. bag of crane chow.
$32 Pays for 5000 mealworms for Robo-crane to dispense.
$180 Covers the cost of a water-guzzler unit, which will supply the cranes with fresh water during their stay in Florida.
$20 Fills the fuel tank of one ultralight aircraft. Each full tank allows for approximately three hours of flight time. With three trikes and over 1200 miles between Wisconsin and Florida, this expense adds up quickly.
$? Will help pay for the fuel for the ground support vehicles.
$25 Helps feed the crew: While most of our 10 crew members are volunteers, OM tries to assist them with a daily meal budget.
$250 Pays for one complete costume & crane puppet, used by pilots and handlers to help disguise the human form and train the birds.
$? Helps cover the costs of film and processing and allows us to keep posting photographs on this website.

Additionally, this is a multi-year project and we must think of next year's budget requirements. If you think you can spare $1 or even better $5 just put it into an envelope and mail it to us. Our US & Canadian addresses are listed below. Or if you prefer, we can process both Visa & MasterCard contributions - Just call us at 1-800-675-2618.

Please help us meet this very generous challenge...
P.S. Another way to help is to email this message to a friend who may be interested in safeguarding the Whooping crane from extinction. 

Thank you, for helping us help the Whooping crane! 

Operation Migration Inc.
P.O. Box 280
Blackstock, ON. Canada

Operation Migration - USA
P.O. Box 868
Buffalo, NY. 14207

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