At 43, it was exactly 20 degrees warmer in Franklin County, AL this morning than it was at the same time yesterday in Hardin County, TN. That alone should have been a good indication of the wind direction. However…

While the weather sites were reporting 5mph ESE winds on the surface, the flag here in camp was hanging straight down in dead calm air. That was the situation on the surface. At altitude on the other hand, the weather sites were reporting 15 to 20mph winds out of the WSW. The question was – if they were wrong on the surface were they wrong aloft.

Only one way to find out; send up a test trike. In fact all three trikes went up to check conditions. What they found was strong headwinds no matter the altitude.

This means we will not have a fifth consecutive fly day, rather, it will be Down Day 1 in Franklin County, AL.

For those of you interested in ‘stats’, there were three years in which we flew on five or more consecutive days. In 2001 we had two long stretches of flights, one was a five day stretch and the other seven consecutive days. In 2002 we had one occurrence of seven consecutive flights, and in 2004 we flew on six consecutive days. Matching this migration’s four straight days of flying were the years 2002 and 2004.