It was a warm 53 degrees at o’dark thirty, the warmest temperature early morning temperature we’ve experienced since leaving Wisconsin in early October. With a dense fog advisory, a ceiling of 100 feet at our destination, and ESE headwinds at 5mph on the surface and 25mph SSW winds aloft it was ‘three strikes and you’re out’ for the cranes and planes this morning.

There will be no advancement along the migration trail today. The Class of 2011 and OM crew will be spending a third Down Day in Franklin County, AL.

Jointly sponsored by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Southern Company

The Operation Migration Education Team consisting of Gordon Perkinson and Christine Barnes, are offering presentations to schools along the migration route. (Within an approximate 30-40 mile radius) Their presentation lasts about an hour, and includes a PowerPoint show with video as well as a variety of interactive activities. Utilizing age-appropriate vocabulary and concepts, experienced educators Gordon and Christine engage and entertain students while expanding their science, math, geography, biology, and conservation knowledge. Optimum grade levels are 3 to 7, and groups size can range from 20 to 100.

If you, or someone you know is aware of schools or teachers you think would be receptive to an interesting and enlightening wildlife conservation presentation for their students, please let us know. Email class-visitAToperationmigration.org. (replace “AT” with @)