The forecast that looked promising late yesterday turned into a huge disappointment this morning. The prediction for light and favorable NW winds had vanished to be replaced with the reality of SW winds of 8mph.

Then, just after sunrise, a dramatic change took place as the winds swung around the compass. This prompted all three trikes to launch even as the ground crew zoomed off to get into position.

We listened to the pilots’ over the aviation radio as they called off their air speeds and described the conditions they encountered at various altitudes. Initially, despite it being a little rough and there being perhaps a little too much push, they thought a flight might be doable.

As they continued to test conditions they worried about the velocity of the tailwind eliminating any possibility of leading the birds back to the pensite should they scatter. In the final analysis, that, combined with the potential risk to the birds due to the less than optimal terrain between the pensite in Winston County and our Walker County destination led to their unanimous decision to call it a Down Day.

Some days ‘frustration’ is spelled ‘r-a-i-n’, today it’s spelled ‘w-i-n-d’.

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