The clear skies and total calm of 4AM remained unchanged at sunrise. With a forecast of 5mph NNW winds aloft, the cranes and planes took to the cold air (20 degrees) at 7:22AM. Lead pilot, Joe, got away with what sounded like all the birds, and those that fell back were being chased for pick up by Brooke and Richard.

From the chat over the aviation radio it appeared they had turned on course when Joe’s birds started to breakaway. The handheld radio has limited range and the cranes and planes must be at it’s outer limits as transmissions are faint and broken. From what we can discern, there is a crane rodeo going on.

We’d like to say, “Walker County, AL here we come,” but from the sounds of it, that would likely be premature. Tune in to the TrikeCam to watch this morning’s action. And check back here in the Field Journal for more info of this morning’s ‘migration adventure’.

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