OM – 10, WEATHER – 1

Today, for the first time since departing Wisconsin on October 9th of last year, checking the weather and wind conditions was not my initial task of the morning. How strange it was not to start the day with a sense of anticipation and hope.

With the ability to achieve the last of our yearly tasks on the Whooping crane reintroduction project being entirely weather dependent – that is, the annual ultralight-led migration – we always recognized that conditions could render completion of any fall odyssey an impossibility. Yet, although that recognition existed, as we chalked up one migration after another and began our 11th season, it dwelled mostly in our subconscious.

Now, having been beaten by weather after a decade of countless challenges overcome, I can’t help but look for some kind of consolation however small. Perhaps that is in the scorecard….OM 10 – Weather 1.

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