It wasn’t exactly ‘love at first flight’, but it was an exciting moment in this new reality show called ‘Hard Core Release,’ when yesterday morning our ever curious, yet curiously independent Whooper chicks met the two Direct Autumn Release (DAR) birds and 19-09, their protective mentor, for the first time.

The Class of 2011 and the DAR cranes have been casting their collective eyeballs on each other for a few days now, but had not shown any interest in getting up close and personal – until Tuesday morning.

Our chicks sauntered slowly across the field where the DAR threesome stood among their usual flock of Sandhill cranes. For lack of a better word I say ‘sauntered,’ because they moved heads down, grubbing and probing for who knows what. This made it look like they were pulling themselves in slow motion across the field with their beaks, until they finally made it over to who some expect will become their new best friends.

As the imaginary orchestra tuned up to accompany the moment with a Disneyesque movie score titled “Meet the DAR’s,” #19-09 (far left in photo) raised up his head and greeted each chick with its own special aggressive slam. Momentarily, the chicks responded with surprise, then immediate resignation, and then resumed their probing completely unaffected and disinterested while the Sandhills looked on in what one could perceive as amusement. Meanwhile the thought balloons over the DAR chicks heads read, “Harsh!!!!”

As the music transposed to a minor key you could almost hear the voice of John Wayne saying, “Welcome to the Wild West, Pilgrims.” But John didn’t know what life for the chicks with the Costumed People’ has been like, and compared to that, this was like a leisurely stroll down Easy Street.

In time, our chicks and the DAR birds leisurely moved away from each other. Later in the day though, our little darling #7-11 flew over to the DAR’s for more face-time, and this resulted in not an ounce of drama. It was just an, “Think I’ll probe with you guys for a while.” Thus, the accompanying picture….and as everyone knows, “a picture tells a thousand probes.”

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