Wood Buffalo-Aransas Population Update

Chester McConnell noted in a recent post to the Whooping Crane Conservation Association website that, “Aransas National Wildlife Refuge biologists now estimate the population of Whooping cranes [in the Wood Buffalo-Aransas flock] within their survey area to be approximately 245 individuals.” Not included in the 245 are Whooping cranes known to be at other locations in Texas as well as several other states.

The method of counting Whooping cranes on Aransas Refuge has been modified. Known as ‘distance sampling’, census flights along straight lines set at specific distances within the survey area are flown. Where previously, an aerial survey consisted of one flight, now, to estimate the population, the birds are counted on three flights on three separate days.

Aransas officials explained that, “Over the years the Whooping crane population has been growing, the habitat changing, and the birds naturally dispersing. The primary goal is to ensure the recovery of the species and to do that the refuge and its partners must adjust with the ever-changing conditions.” Read the report.

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