Eastern Migratory Population Update

In a report received yesterday from WCEP Tracking Team, the maximum size of the Eastern Migratory Population (EMP) as of February 19th is estimated at 107 consisting of 54 males and 53 females. At almost exactly the same time last year the population size was 106, a growth of just one despite the release of an additional 18 Whooping cranes this past season.

Accounting for this minimal growth in the population are mortalities due to shootings, attrition, and that WCEP has removed  four more Whooping cranes from the population that are now consider dead as they have been missing for more than a year. The four Whooping cranes no longer included in the population total are 16-03, 14-05, 13-07 and 13-09.

Also estimated in the latest tracking report is the population’s distribution as of February 19th, 2012 (or last record). The unusual distribution prompted us to check our past records. The chart below shows a comparison of the flock’s current locations versus their locations at approximately the same time in 2010. (Note 2011 location summary not readily available but may be added later.)

2012 LOCATED IN 2010
40 Indiana 8
  5 Illinois 0
  4 Georgia 3
16 Alabama 8
  2 South Carolina 4
  2 North Carolina 0
  5 Tennessee 8-9
  6 Kentucky 10
11 Florida 50
14 Location unknown 5-6
 2 Long term missing 7
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