When we left off yesterday we knew that numbers 4-11 & 7-11, while traveling separately, were both closing in on the White River Marsh area after making an abrupt easterly course correction on Thursday. Anne Lacey had dispatched a crew to head over to the area with a receiver to see if they could pick up any other VHF signals which would tell us which cranes were with also traveling with 4 & 7-11.

Anne reported later in the afternoon that signals from cranes 3-11 & 6-11 were picked up near number 4-11 but she did not have news about #7-11 and her possible travel companions.

A report came in yesterday afternoon via the Public Report form that places #9-11 in Grant County, WI along the Wisconsin River, which is where #4-11 previously was before she corrected course.

If any further details come in today, we will update.

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