Journey North

Journey North is a free, Internet-based program that explores the related aspects of seasonal change. Through interrelated investigations, students discover that sunlight drives all living systems and they learn about the dynamic ecosystem that surrounds and connects them.

There are 3 main areas of study:

  • Sunlight and the Seasons: Children study seasonal change in sunlight in a global game of hide and seek called Mystery Class.
  • Plants and the Seasons: Children explore tulip growth in their own gardens, running an experiment that tracks the arrival of spring.
  • Seasonal Migrations: Children follow animal migrations. They observe, research, and report findings and watch journeys progress on live maps.

Through the seasonal migration component students (and adults) can learn about American Robins, Bald Eagles, Frogs, Gray Whales, Hummingbirds, Monarch Butterflies, Mystery Class, Red-winged Blackbirds, and of course our favorite, Whooping Cranes!

If you would like to see one of the latest Whooping crane updates from Journey North Science Writer, Jane Duden, check out this link.

Widely considered a best-practices model for education, Journey North is the nation’s premiere “citizen science” project for children. The general public is welcome to participate. To register visit

Journey North has recently released a smart phone app that will allow users to Take Journey North outside and report sightings from the field. You can view maps, take and submit photos and interact with other app users. The app is currently available for iPhone’s and will soon be released for Android platform.

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