The Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP) is celebrating another success in its efforts to reintroduce a wild migratory whooping crane population in eastern North America. A whooping crane chick hatched Monday in Wood County, Wisconsin.

The chick, #W1-12 (W = wild hatched), is the offspring of whooping crane pair #12-02 and #19-04 from the ultralight-led crane Classes of 2002 and 2004.

The pair has produced eggs every year since 2008, but until this year, their eggs have always been infertile. The pair proved to be good parents in 2010, when their infertile egg was replaced with a captive-produced fertile whooping crane egg, and the pair hatched and raised the chick (W3-10) to fledging.

Thanks to the efforts of WCEP, there are now 106 whooping cranes in the eastern migratory population. Fourteen additional pairs of Whooping cranes are currently incubating eggs in the core reintroduction area of Wisconsin.

Wild Whooping crane chick #W1-12 pictured with parents 12-02 & 19-04* one day after it was discovered. Photo: Eva Szyszkoski/ICF with aerial support from LightHawk.

Whooping crane parents 12-02 & 19-04* on their winter habitat. Photo: Eva Szyszkoski/ICF

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