The latest word we have received from the tracking team is that the 9 cranes from the Class of 2011 have not moved a great deal since returning to Wisconsin and the 10th Whooping crane, #1-11 has yet to turn up.

Yesterday we received the following two images showing the group of four young cranes consisting of #’s 3-11, 4-11, 5-11 and 6-11. This group arrived in southern Columbia County, WI., approximately 40 miles south of the White River Marsh SWA on April 20 – 8 days after departing the Wheeler NWR where they wintered.

They are barely showing any signs of the cinnamon colored feathers they use to have…

Meanwhile, approximately 20 miles to the northeast and still in Columbia County, the group of three consisting of #’s 7-11, 10-11 and the youngest of last year’s cohort, #12-11 (photo below) continue to spend their time foraging in small wetlands and grassy areas. This group has been at this location, also since April 20th.

Whooping crane #9-11 had been reported in Grant County, WI on April 20th, and a photograph submitted confirmed a broken antenna on her PTT unit, which would explain the lack of reports for this crane. Crane #2-11, the young bird that broke away from the ultralight-guided group on the second day of the southward migration last fall, is still in Adams County, WI – approximately 35 miles from White River Marsh.


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