Whooping crane parents DAR 42-09* and 24-09 and the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership are proud to announce the arrival of TWO chicks! The first arrived sometime Monday and was spotted by Wisconsin DNR pilot Bev Paulan (photo below). In the photo the chick appears to be drying itself in the sun and the egg at the opposite side of the nest looks as if the chick has recently emerged from it. The parent crane is still sitting, likely on the other egg or a previously hatched chick.

ICF Tracking Team Field Manager, Eva Szyszkoski visited the Adams County site today to check on the nest and in the second photo you can see the TWO wild hatched Whooping crane chicks. This is the first nest attempt for this 3 yr old pair.

Welcome WILD Whooping crane chicks W2-12 & W3-12!

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