Today is International Migratory Bird Day and as in past years, Joe and I will be on location with our display booth in Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Conservation Station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. It would be hard to beat Disney’s Animal Kingdom as a place to celebrate wildlife conservation – and we look forward to seeing YOU here.

For us, this year’s visit has had something very special added. One of our ultralight aircraft has been re-fitted and is now on ‘permanent’ display at Conservation Station!

At Rafiki’s Planet Watch last evening we held a small event to preview the exhibit. Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership representatives, Disney cast members, and a few invited guests joined us to honor Disney’s long-term support of Whooping cranes and to celebrate this extraordinary opportunity to raise awareness for species conservation – and particularly Whooping cranes. Millions of guests of all ages from around the world visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park each year and the ultralight exhibit will provide unprecedented promotion of the work of the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership.

Although it refers to rearing children, the African-originated proverb, “It takes a village..…” equally and aptly describes what the reintroduction of the eastern population of migratory Whooping cranes takes. Everything is easier when you are part of a village, and have input from equally committed organizations, colleagues, supportive donors, and friends. In addition to WCEP’s nine founding partners, there are dozens of other collaborating agencies and scores of individual ‘villagers’ who lend Whooping cranes a helping hand.

So it was that last evening, on behalf of Operation Migration and WCEP, Joe Duff acknowledged the many ‘ Disney villagers’ whose diverse contributions have played an integral role in the Whooping Crane reintroduction project’s success. Some of those recognized were:

Dr. Jackie Ogden and her staff at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Kim Sams, Claire Martin, and the all staff at Disney’s Worldwide Conservation Fund
Disney’s Cast Members who act as Grant Reviewers – with a special shout out to Chelle Plasse
Dr. Scott Terrell and the Disney Health Team
Jay Therien, a Winter Monitoring veteran at St. Marks
Alex McMichael, intrepid IMBD man Friday
And, the 2 individuals who led the charge for the installation of the wonderful ultralight exhibit: ‘Imagineer Gary Graham, and OM’s and Whooping cranes’ BFF, Zoological Manager, Scott Tidmus.

Watch the Field Journal in days to come for more about the event as well as photos, but in the meantime, you can click here to see Disney’s announcement.

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