Indiana Department of Natural Resources is reporting Indiana Conservation Officers, with assistance from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service agents, have completed an investigation into the killing of male whooping crane, number 27-08, in early January in Knox County, Indiana.

The Knox County Prosecutor is reviewing the case, and charges are pending against Jason R. McCarter, 21, of Wheatland, and John C. Burke, 23, of Monroe City.

According to the case report filed with the prosecutor, ICO Joe Haywood received information in mid-January that a whooping crane had been spotlighted at night and shot and killed with a high-powered rifle.

The ensuing investigation involved multiple law enforcement agencies, wildlife biologists and private individuals and provided information that identified the suspects and also linked the bird to a federal program to reintroduce whooping cranes in the eastern United States.

The whooping crane shot in Knox County was part of a nesting pair that was taught its migratory path by ultralight aircraft in the fall of 2008.

Number 27-08 becomes the the third confirmed shooting death of Whooping cranes in Indiana. The first occurred in late 2009 and involved the first female to successfully breed and raise a wild chick. Crane #17-02 was 7 years old at the time of her death. In December 2011, male Whooping crane number 6-05 was found shot to death in Jackson County, Indiana. His carcass was found Dec. 30 by a photographer near the Muscatatuck River basin about 40 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky. The case involving number 6-05 is still being investigated.

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