Regular Field Journal readers may recall last July we told the story of the male Whooping crane Levi; formerly known as number 5-01. This crane and six others comprised the small cohort that became the first Whooping cranes in the Eastern Migratory Population back in 2001.

You can click here to read about Levi and his captive love Peepers but we also wanted to bring you a brief update, which we became aware of yesterday. On June 5th the Friends of Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park posted a photo on their Facebook page showing Peepers standing on a nest she and Levi had constructed from materials they had at their disposal. Considering the limited supply of grasses and branches the nest didn’t look that bad!

Yesterday a photo was posted showing Peepers standing on the nest platform and beside her is an egg! Time will tell if it is viable and we do not know whether it will be left with the pair or brought into captivity to be hatched but it is exciting news nonetheless.

If/when we receive further news, we will let you know.

The Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park is located at: 4150 Rt 19
Homosassa, Florida 34446.

Visit their website to learn more about the park but if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by!

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