In less than two weeks the 12th Class of aircraft-guided Whooping cranes will make the trip from the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Maryland – to the reintroduction site in central Wisconsin. While this year’s group isn’t the largest we’ve ever worked with, it’s still a great reason to WHOOP!

Just last week, Doug Pellerin came across these sub-adult Whooping cranes about 11 miles away from the White River Marsh SWA, where less than a year ago, they took their firsts flight alongside our small aircraft.

Pictured are Whooping cranes 7-11, 10-11 and 12-11. This is a great reason to WHOOP!


Yesterday, we announced the presence of the 9th wild Whooping crane of the season, number W9-12 – This is a great reason to WHOOP! This year the Give A WHOOP! campaign will be promoted around several ‘milestone’ events including; The 2012 Whooping crane chicks hatching; Their arrival at the summer training site at White River Marsh in Green Lake County, WI and when they are eventually released at their winter home in Florida later this fall/winter. We hope you’ll will WHOOP! with us and help to commemorate these (and other) milestones!

At the conclusion of each important event, we will draw the name of one lucky supporter to receive a beautiful Janet Flynn, watercolor print of a lone Whooping crane. This lovely print is definitely frame-worthy and measures 12.5″ wide x 23.5″ high. Click to see preview. Recipient names will of course be entered back into the grand thank you draw which will be made on March 31, 2013. The recipient of this gift will receive a $50 certificate redeemable in the OM Marketplace; a Janet Flynn watercolor print AND an incredible set of 8×42 Ranger binoculars courtesy of Eagle Optics!

Have YOU WHOOP’d yet? Each $10 WHOOP will help us reach our fundraising goal and allow us to carry out our work with the Class of 2012 Whooping cranes. We’ll list your name on this page and enter you into the thank you draws as outlined above.

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