DATE: Nov 16, 2012 – Entry 1 MIGRATION DAY 50
FLOWN TODAY: 46 miles ACCUMULATED: 850 miles
LOCATION: Lowndes County, AL REPORTER: Liz Condie

How do you spell, “WooHoo”? If you’re shouting it really loud does it require more ‘o’s, as in WooooHooo? Either way that was the noise we all made when the news trickled back to us that the birds were on the ground in Lowndes County.

With the completion of today’s migration leg from Chilton to Lowndes County, AL we’ve put 77% of the journey’s air miles behind us. There were a few dozen folks at this mornings departure flyover viewing and we got an eyeful as Richard, with Brooke flying chase, flew overhead with all five of the Class of 2012.

Lead Pilot, Richard van Heuvelen’s report will be posted later today….you can expect it no later than 5pm.

We’re at the point on the migration route where we make a turn to the east to cut into Georgia. At the moment, the forecast shows we’ll have NE winds tomorrow morning, both on the surface and aloft. This means the planes and cranes are likely to have some cross wind, so it will likely take a test trike in the morning to get a read on airspeed and estimated fly time to make sure we can make it to our last stop in Alabama.

Only 1 Alabama, 2 Georgia, and 1 Florida stopover left before the big arrival event at St. Marks NWR. Track our progress via EarlyBird or the Field Journal and come and join the throng of Craniacs who will gather to celebrate the end of another successful migration. There’ll be lots of “WooHoo’s” that morning as well as some loud, “Whoop, Whoop, Whooping” greeting the Class of 2012 as they make their final migration appearance in the sky overhead.

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AND… this day or any other day, don’t be shy about Giving a WHOOP! or becoming a MileMaker Sponsor. The migration may be drawing to a close but we still have to pay for it, and for that we need your help.

We’re almost 80% of the way there – but MileMaker is only 50% funded. Don’t be left off the MileMaker Sponsor’s honor roll. Please join your fellow Craniacs in helping out the Class of 2012 TODAY.


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  1. BabyHawk52 November 16, 2012 11:22 am

    Do you know if they would fly on Thanksgiving Day? That’s assuming they have some down time between now and then. I want to see them fly over St. Marks but just wondering if they would fly on the holiday. Thank you.