The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative is in need of volunteers for their fifth year of statewide marshbird surveys. Wisconsin DNR’s Ryan Brady says a volunteer is needed particularly for #37 White River Marsh in Green Lake County. (This is an excellent route in a birdy place!), however there are a couple of other locations still available as well.

These surveys use playback methodology to target rails, bitterns, coots, and grebes at randomly-selected wetlands across much of the state. Routes are not necessarily roadside, most involve some off-road hiking, and a few are water-based (e.g. canoe/kayak). Surveyors conduct three replicate surveys of their route during early mornings or late evenings in May and June.

Details on the survey can be found at http://wiatri.net/projects/birdroutes/marshbirds.htm. Click on the map to see general locations of routes and then click on green balloon markers to get additional info such as level of difficulty. The site is not yet set up for online sign-ups, so please contact Ryan Brady for more detailed information about routes or to sign-up: ryan.brady(AT)wisconsin.gov (replace (AT) with @)

Some level of training may be needed as this survey is a bit more complex than other WBCI surveys. Playback equipment can be provided, but volunteers in most cases should be physically fit with good hearing, possess knee or hip boots, and have access to a GPS unit for locating established survey points.

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  1. Margie Tomlinson May 15, 2013 10:02 am

    Oh to be young again. Then I could volunteer. 🙂