Join Us Tomorrow!

The Class 2013 Whooping cranes and the migration team arrived in Leon County, Florida on New Year’s Eve. The next to last stop in the 1100 mile aircraft-guided migration.

Weather permitting, OM pilots Brooke Pennypacker and Richard van Heuvelen will lead them tomorrow morning, to their winter home on the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in Wakulla County. Joe Duff, Christine Barnes and yours truly will be at the crane pen to call the birds down.

Before landing at their release enclosure, the cranes will fly over San Marcos de Apalache Park in the town of St. Marks. Google Map.

Everyone is invited to join us to welcome the young cranes. Probable flyover time is 8:15 am but we suggest you plan to arrive by 7:45 am for best parking. The parking area is just west of downtown St. Marks. Don’t forget your camera!

Following the flyover the migration team will assemble at the park to address the crowd and answer any questions you might have so please stick around to welcome them after the 92 day journey it took to bring the cranes to St. Marks.

Be sure to tune into both CraneCam channels tomorrow morning! Richard will be streaming LIVE video from his aircraft (signal permitting) so you’ll be able to fly along with the cranes on their final aircraft-guided flight. Once Jo-Anne Bellemer arrives at the flyover location, she’ll be streaming to the ground channel, and once they’ve left the flyover area, I’ll be streaming from the winter release pen as the cranes touch down.

We hope you can join us!

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  1. Lori opper January 4, 2014 5:13 am

    I am up checking your Status!! Looks like all is a go! People on my Photography pg. Looking Forward to these photos/videos today of the Whooping Cranes!!!! I Will make My Best one into a Wooden Canvas!!! I Wish You all the Best on your Final Journey to St.Marks Wildlife Refuge!!! They will Love it there!!! From,Lori’s Outdoor Photography facebook pg. see you soon. We are on Central time. I have my P510 Coolpix x42 zoom Nikon /Monopod with x3 batteries Ready to go!!!!!!

  2. Elaine Boston January 3, 2014 11:15 pm

    I hope you will make a video of tomorrow’s arrival so that those of us on the west coast can watch online later.

  3. AJ McCleary January 3, 2014 9:29 pm

    My 3-year-old grandson happens to be here tonight for a sleepover. If all is still *Go* in the morning I’m wrapping him up and bringing him! He loves birds and airplanes and anything “up high in the sky” – this will be SO special for him too!! He’ll always remember this (and watching his Mimi laugh and cry and we’ll yell “yay they did it!” So so special, you guys are my hero’s!!!