Corporate Support of Whooping Cranes

Southern Company and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation through their Power of Flight grant program have been staunch supporters of our work since 2004. Now as we celebrate the successful return of another cohort of aircraft-guided whooping cranes, we must point out that none of this is possible with our individual supporters as well as Southern Company and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Power of Flight

The Power of Flight program is a partnership between Southern Company—including its four operating companies—and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The partnership funds efforts to conserve birds characteristic of the southern U.S. through strategic habitat restoration and environmental education. Efforts span Southern Company’s primary service area of Georgia, Alabama, northwestern Florida, and southeastern Mississippi.

Launched in 2003, the 11-year partnership is the largest public agency-private corporation funding effort for bird conservation in the South. Each partner contributes $300,000 annually with the combined $600,000 available through a competitive grant program. Operation Migration matches its Power of Flight award on a 2:1 ratio with funds generated by our MileMaker campaign.

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