MileMakers NEEDED!

It’s been 3 weeks since the Whooping cranes in the Class of 2014 arrived at their summer training site on White River Marsh in Green Lake County, Wisconsin. Training is going great – for the majority of the cohort. Crane chicks 8-14 & 10-14 are doing their best to keep the pilots on their toes.

In just 8 weeks (yikes!) we anticipate they’ll be ready for their first-ever southward migration – following our small aircraft for more than 1200 miles and crossing 7 states. While they may be ready – we’re not. We still need to ensure we have the funding in place to cover their journey.

Each year we launch the MileMaker fundraising campaign – This very important campaign raises the funds necessary to carry out the 1200-mile aircraft-guided Whooping crane migration from Wisconsin to Florida each fall.

The way it works is quite simple — We have determined that each mile of the 1200-mile southward migration has a cost of $200 associated with it. This covers insurance, fuel and maintenance costs for the ground vehicles and aircraft, food for the cranes and the crew, any repairs or maintenance required for the crane enclosures, etc.

Right now we have TWO MileMaker challenges available to take advantage of! Babs has offered to DOUBLE THE NEXT 5 MILES THAT COME IN, and Sue has agreed to MATCH 3 MILES! That’s a total of 8 miles that will be DOUBLED – making it 16 miles!

By far, the MileMaker Campaign funds the largest portion of our annual budget and is critical to the success of our annual Whooping crane migration.

Currently, only 261 miles of the 1200 mile trek are sponsored, which is enough to get them to Illinois – so we have a long way to go. Please consider becoming a MileMaker sponsor and help us help the Class of 2014.

You have the choice of sponsoring a full mile ($200), a half mile ($100) or even a quarter mile ($50). In addition to helping these young Whooping cranes, your name will be entered into a draw for an incredible thank you gift, which will be held at the end of the campaign on December 31st or when all 1200 miles are sponsored. If your name is drawn you will receive a two-week stay at a private home in beautiful Costa Rica!

Sponsor a full mile and you get four entries into the Costa Rica trip – sponsor a half mile and you get two – and quarter mile sponsors receive one entry into the draw.

We’ll also list your support on the MileMaker recognition page so everyone will see that YOU CARE about a future with Whooping cranes.

As an added bonus, all MileMaker supporters will receive a secret link to a selection of monthly E-calendar images for your PC desktop. Download all of the images at once, or return each month for your new photo! Here are a couple of the monthly calendar images:

Aug14_th Sept14_th February 2015

 Will you help?

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