Everyone Loves a Parade!

Well, we’re now at the time of year when training becomes come what may. Actually, it’s started earlier than usual this year. Some mornings we get up, and the wind is calm, but we have lots of fog. And when we don’t have lots of fog, we have rain. And when we don’t have rain, we have lots of wind. And what’s more is, we’re also at the time of year when we’re supposed to have these birds up in the air for minutes at a time. We’ve been able to train one or two times a week over the last two weeks. In fact, Brooke told me one morning (joking of course) that we weren’t going to train until the 21st of September! (our target departure date)

Of course, the concern is, will the birds get too comfy in their pen? Nobody wants a repeat of 2011. Not even these birds, and they weren’t even alive for it.  But you know what I say to that? I say watch the cranes during training. Even after missing almost a week’s worth of training, the morning Richard finally got the birds up in the air, he had them up for almost ten minutes. Four days later, we had them up for 17 minutes. Last Thursday, they were only airborne for about 10 minutes but that was more a function of the weather. We had a long fog delay and by the time it cleared, the air was already a little bumpy. But we didn’t want the day to go to waste, since the next few days were going to be misses. So far, from the moment these cranes took to the sky, they have not disappointed.

Of course, we’re all worried about little Peanut (I’ve taken to calling him ‘Luka’ for reasons of my own). His sprained leg is going to be keeping him down for the next couple of weeks. There’s some concern he’s going to fall behind or get acclimated to the pen. Not anytime soon, I say. For one, we have to keep locking him in the wet pen (which is a first for me) just to keep him from coming out the runway when we open the doors. The fact we even have to do this is a sign that he has his heart on training. In addition, he likes to flap around the pen when he needs to move around. His wing muscles will get a workout from that for sure. He still walks on his goofy leg, though but we’d be happier if the swelling in his leg went down.

That about sums up life in White River Marsh for the moment!  Keep watching that CraneCam!  Who knows what special guest white birds will show up, or when.  I for one, cracked a very large smile when I saw the 2013 birds march down the runway like a parade last Saturday!

The Class of 2013 returns to check out their former training site.

The Class of 2013 returns to check out their former training site.

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  1. Michael J. matusinec September 2, 2014 8:22 am

    The beauty of wildlife is always out there, we humans have to take time to enjoy not destroy it.

  2. Mindy Finklea September 1, 2014 1:41 pm

    Really? All six from last year were there together? Awww…..how special…..Wish I had seen that live! Is there a video?