Whooping Crane #4-14 Improving

We mentioned last week that our only male Whooping crane in the Class of 2014 had sustained an injury to his hock. Crane #4-14 (aka Peanut) is improving and his limp is getting better. He’s on a daily regime of meds for pain and swelling. Doug Pellerin sent along this photo from yesterday, showing Geoff Tarbox administering a smelt, which contains his morning dose of medication.

Almost every time meds are administered it turns into a fun game of pick up fish. Number 4-14 takes the fish – drops it – Geoff picks it up. Over and over until finally he gulps it down (the crane, not Geoff). It’s even more fun to watch when the six girl cranes are standing by waiting for their chance to play!


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  1. Sheryl Erickson September 3, 2014 11:39 pm

    Geoff – like the rest of the OM team – you are a most patient person with Whooping Cranes – thank you! Administering medication in smelt — likely not a human medication administration trend any time soon 🙂

  2. Dorothy September 3, 2014 10:04 am

    That’s a LOL write-up.

  3. P. Main September 3, 2014 8:31 am

    Sweet Peanut seems to be healing up well. Can’t wait to see him training again soon. Geoff may need a back brace after all that bending over to pick up the smelt, lol.