Boreal Birds Need Half

Each spring, an estimated 1 billion to 3 billion nesting birds make the long journey north to the boreal forest from wintering grounds throughout the United States and central and South America. A new report, Boreal Birds Need Half, cites science showing that boreal bird species require expansive, landscape-scale habitat conservation in large, interconnected protected areas to maintain healthy populations. Science shows that conserving half (at least 50%) of the boreal forest provides birds the best chance to survive over the long term.

Nearly half of the species commonly found in Canada and the U.S. rely in part on the boreal forest for their existence – including the Whooping crane.

The Boreal Birds Need Half initiative seeks to see at least half of North America’s boreal forest protected from development while ensuring responsible and sustainable management throughout the remainder. Already, two provinces — Ontario and Quebec — have stepped up and committed to protecting at least half of their northern boreal regions.


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  1. birdlady May 21, 2015 12:18 pm

    Bravo, Ontario and Quebec! Thanks for raising awareness on this issue, Heather.