Day 15 – Hopeful for a Flight

It’s been two weeks since we officially began the 2015 aircraft-guided Whooping crane migration and with any luck, we’ll finally be able to fly the second migration leg of 14 miles this morning.

It was a brisk 34 degrees at 5 am CT and a a layer of frost is coating everything. Winds are very calm and from the northwest. Aloft, there is a more northerly component, which, if we can get the young cranes to launch with the aircraft, should make for a quick flight.

Brooke is your lead pilot today. Joe will fly in the chase position. Colleen and I will release the cranes, while Jeff and John track their flight to Marquette County from below.

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  1. Kay Huey October 14, 2015 12:45 pm

    I suspect that migration days will become the norm, but after waiting these very long two weeks this morning was spectacular to the max. I so appreciate everything that every member of the OM team does to ensure safe flights for the young colts.

    Oh, and I’m not in the least concerned about the confusion that the stay-at-home duo experienced. I’m sure the others will tell them about their adventures and the two will join on in. Two weeks is a l o n g time for everyone!

  2. ffmn October 14, 2015 9:41 am

    Whew….wiping sweat from my brow and all of you OM people! Was a rather surprising event today re two that didn’t want to launch far from GLC pen. Should have a couple of good days this week.

  3. Warrenwesternpa October 14, 2015 6:36 am

    Day 15, Hopeful For a Flight, Heather Ray

    The best of everything for you all today. Wow, frost already!

    And from yesterday … Happy Thanksgiving for our Canadian Families!