Day 43 – No Flight Today

Instead, we’ll be setting up the pen at the next site in Cumberland County, finishing repairs on one of the vehicles and running errands.

We’re expecting very strong winds to blow through, beginning this evening and continuing through tomorrow.

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  1. Kathleen November 11, 2015 9:37 pm

    It would be great if you could describe your contingency plans to protect the birds in extreme weather. Would you crate them and move them to shelter during extreme rainfall or wind?

  2. Sheila Greenwood November 11, 2015 8:32 am

    We would love to have you come to our school and talk about the migration. It would be something we could support, especially since it is so near to us here in Piatt County.
    Sheila Greenwood
    Bement Supt/PK-5 Principal
    I sent a FB message yesterday morning as soon as I heard you were nearby.

  3. vannie Zychowicz November 11, 2015 6:52 am

    That sounds good yep your vehicle are important too , to get you south to Florida you don’t need to have trould of there is no town near by Have a good one


  4. Warrenwesternpa November 11, 2015 6:02 am

    Day 43 No Flight Today Heather Ray

    Loved the top banner picture with 16 whooper reflections and a tume! The good ole days … But make the best of this one and stay safe!