Get your very own ENCORE! Whooping Crane Moppet!

What’s with the ENCORE! you ask? Well, with last year’s FWS decision to halt costume rearing of Whooping Cranes for the Eastern Migration Population (EMP), we had quite a few costumes left with no purpose. Not wanting to be wasteful and, with those ever-important three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in mind, we approached the very talented Mary O’Brien with the idea of using the costumes to make Whooping Crane keepsakes! 

So, the costumes are making a return (ENCORE!) appearance. I’m sure you’ll agree that the finished product is absolutely adorable (thanks to Mary’s creative talent)!

Here is your chance to own a piece of history! Each of these ENCORE! Whooping Crane Moppets is made from a costume worn by either: Joe Duff, Brooke Pennypacker, Richard van Heuvelen, Colleen Chase, Jo-Anne Bellemer, Doug Pellerin, or Heather Ray during our past work with Whooping Cranes. (Don’t worry, Mary washed them really well before creating each ENCORE! Moppet.)

There are only a limited number available! 

Christmas is just around the corner – you can surprise your favorite Craniac with a one-of-a-kind piece of Whooping Crane history! 

Each Moppet bears the legbands with the exact color combinations of some of your favorite Whooping Cranes in the EMP – including some that are no longer with us 🙁

In addition to your ENCORE! Moppet, you’ll receive a one-page biography about your Whooping Crane/Moppet along with an embroidered Whooping Crane crest, suitable for stitching onto your favorite jacket or sweater, or even onto the Moppet if you like.

Each ENCORE! Moppet sells for $200, which will help to replace some of the income the MileMaker campaign used to generate.

Take a look at these adorable faces – then choose your favorite ENCORE! Moppet! 

Pictured are just 8 of the 17 ENCORE! moppets available.

Pictured are just 8 of the 16 ENCORE! moppets available.

CLICK to order your ENCORE! Moppet before they’re gone!


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One Comment

  1. Carol Giancola November 17, 2016 6:46 pm

    Received Henry today (5-12) I love him. Thank you for making these. He is adorable. A great end of year gift to OM and myself! Thank you for the BEAST all summer long.