Who doesn’t love a good sale?  Check out OM’s “Marketplace”

We’ve reduced a number of items due to low inventory so don’t wait… the “early bird gets the worm.” 

Proudly show your love of Whooping cranes with the Wild for WHOOPERS sweatshirt. Very comfortable and warm, featuring an adult Whooping crane with magnificent outstretched wings.

Celebrate 15 years of flying with Whooping cranes, 17,457 miles over 8 states, with this short sleeved, unisex T-shirt.  Fantastic artwork depicting our history with the Whoopers!


People still like receiving cards in the mail. How about sending a note to friend letting them know you are thinking about them. The Springett Blank Notecards would be perfect! 8 cards featuring 4 images (2 of ea.) of the original Whooping crane oil paintings by artist and friend of cranes, Jimmie Springett. 

OM’s black wristband is also on sale. Very limited quantities on this item.  Order now!

Finally, the very, unique Whooping crane socks. Have you noticed how popular character socks are these days? Seems like all the stores are carrying them – but nobody has Whoopers on their socks except for OM. Pick up a pair for yourself or loved one today before they are all gone!

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