OK Henry…

Where’s Peanut???

Tom Schultz found and photographed male Whooping crane number 5-12 on Friday evening, March 31st at White River Marsh in Green Lake County, WI.

You may recall Colleen watched this crane leaving St. Marks NWR alongside his buddy #4-14 (Peanut) a week earlier on March 24th.

So the mystery remains for now… Since he didn’t return to the marsh with #5-12, where did he stop? Where is Peanut spending his summers?

If we find out, we’ll let you know.

Whooping crane 5-12 (M) in Green Lake County, WI. Photo: Tom Schultz


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  1. Margaret Howden April 5, 2017 10:11 am

    Jo-Anne, perhaps Barb is referring to the Sandhill that’s to the right of Henry, and a few rows of corn back from him. Barb, the Sandhill is smaller than a whooper but looks smaller than normal due to the perspective (I think!),

  2. Carol Giancola April 5, 2017 10:05 am

    Off Henry’s rear. Red head. Sanhill with mud?

    • Barb April 5, 2017 1:32 pm

      Yes, that’s the bird! I thought it might be a Sandhill, but wasn’t sure. I thought Sandhill and Whoppers were about the same size, as adults. Maybe it is all in perspective. Thanks!!

  3. Barb April 5, 2017 7:43 am

    There seems to be a small dead grass colored bird in the background. Do you know what it is? The picture is great . Thanks.

    • Jo-Anne Bellemer April 5, 2017 9:32 am

      Barb, we’ve looked all over the photo and can’t see any small bird in the background.