Monthly Donations

Monthly contributions can be processed more efficiently than single or one-time gifts, resulting in a higher percentage of your gift being directed to our work – and you are in control! At any time, you can increase, decrease, pause or stop your support, all at your convenience.

Your monthly gift will help ensure that we are able to continue our work to safeguard Whooping cranes and continue our education and outreach efforts.

When you become a NEW monthly donor, OR increase your current monthly donation amount, you will receive a special hand-folded origami crane made by Mako Pellerin.

Mako has very graciously offered to create a limited number of beaded hanging origami cranes made from the paper used to create last year’s GIANT origami crane, which greeted Whooping Crane Festival attendees in Wisconsin.Students from the Princeton School – along with Mako, very carefully folded the origami crane pictured above, and which boasted a wingspan of more than 30 feet and stood close to 10 feet tall!

Mako saved some of the paper from that special crane to create these smaller origami “off-spring” cranes for you!

In Japanese culture, the crane is a mystical creature and is believed to live for a thousand years. Cranes represent good fortune and longevity and are referred to as the “bird of happiness.”

We hope this very special origami crane will bring you all of these qualities… In addition to your special origami crane, we’ll also send you an instruction sheet for folding more origami cranes!

When you become a monthly supporter you help to provide OM with a reliable, low-cost stream of revenue that sustains our ongoing work and allows us to better forecast for budgeting purposes.

It’s super easy to join and you can contribute any amount you like on a monthly basis: $
10, $15, $25, $50 – Visit this link to learn more or to enroll today!

If you’re already a monthly supporter (thank you!) and would like to increase or change your gift, don’t forget you can login to your personal account at any time to do so using this link: LOGIN 

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  1. vikky March 10, 2017 8:39 pm

    whoopers are fabulous. sandhills & whooping cranes what can be better. peace to us all??


  2. Barb March 10, 2017 10:53 am

    Hello Heather, Could tell me if donations given are used exclusively for th OM team? At any time could the Feds claim the money for other uses, bird related or ortherwise? Since the ultralights are on hold (yes I am optimistic) maybe you could give some examples of what the donations are used for, say on monthly basis. Thank you so much for all that you and the do for the Whooping Cranes.

    • Heather Ray March 13, 2017 7:48 am

      Funds raised by OM cover OM (only) expenses. These range from office rent to field expenses incurred while tracking and monitoring the cranes, fuel, insurance for vehicles, meals for the team while working away from home, tracking devices, mileage costs, the CraneCam, etc.

      • Barb March 13, 2017 5:44 pm

        Thank you for taking time to answer my questions, Heather. I know this is a busy tome of the year for the team.