A face-to-face sounds like some sort of standoff but for us it was a chance to meet with our Board, including two new Directors, and spend a weekend planning for the future of OM. We currently have a Board of six with one seat vacated when Colleen Chase took a staff position and stepped down. Jeff Weingarz from Illinois has been a long term supported and agreed to serve. Dr. Peter Smith from North Carolina is also new to the Board. He has been a supporter from the very early days.

I have met Jeff a few times before but met Peter only once many years ago. I was excited to see him but the day before he was scheduled to depart, he had a medical emergency and while we gathered in Princeton, Wisconsin, he was in surgery. Not that any operation is routine, but it seems the procedure was fairly minor. Still, we were surprised to have Peter joined us the second day by phone.

Our planning session was moderated by Jill Allread from Public Communications Inc in Chicago and she very skillfully guided us through the two day process and in the end we were charged up and eager to continue.

It is too early to talk about our plans and we have lots of work to do, but we will keep you posted. Rest assured we remain committed to Whooping cranes.

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  1. Rolando September 5, 2017 4:12 pm

    You and the cranes in our Prays. Worry about the cranes in La.