Well well, look who turned up… and just in time for all the festival folks to see. It’s Henry aka #5-12!

And his little buddy Parent-Reared Whooping crane 30-16…

Henry and #30-16 forage near White River Marsh. Photo: B. Birks

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  1. Jean P. aka CrabtowneMd September 10, 2017 7:50 pm

    Loved meeting everyone at Crane Fest, but the hightlight was seeing Henry and 30-16 foraging . One of them was ripping ears of corn off the stalks for a bit ! …. hm, I wonder where that love of fresh corn started. Thank you OM for all that you do for Whoopers and in educating the public about their plight.

  2. Sue McCurdy September 10, 2017 2:09 pm

    They are beautiful.