First Day with the New Bling

For the second time in a week, we owe huge thanks to the banding team of Richard Urbanek, Marianne Doyle, Hillary Thompson, Dr. Glenn Olsen and Brooke Pennypacker. 

And – for the second time, nobody got pooped on! 

Everyone gathered at the White River Marsh pen site this morning at 8:30. The first crane, number 6-17 was in hand at 9 am sharp and the last bird, number 4-17 was placed back in the pen at 10:50 am.

Not a bad total time at all to band seven Whooping cranes that would rather be doing anything but being held across someones lap with their behinds held up in the air while someone glues pretty plastic bands on their legs.

So now all of the Costume-Reared cranes have their permanent legbands, VHF radios and three of them have remote GSM devices. They are females: 2-17, 6-17 and 7-17.

Richard places the BBL aluminum band on the leg of female 8-17, while Marianne holds the birds legs steady.

Marianne holds one of the cranes across her lap with the legs available for Dr. Urbanek to access.

A hood is placed over the head of each crane during the procedure. This reduces the stress on the birds.

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  1. Maggie September 19, 2017 4:48 pm

    Those crane legs always appear to be so delicate. Amazing how they can support their bodies so gracefully . Good job to have completed. Kudos to the group that could accomplish this task.

  2. Di Lowe September 19, 2017 2:12 pm

    Great pictures, thank you! 🙂