Those Smart Kindergarten Kids!

Linda DeNell, Director of the Caestecker Library in beautiful Green Lake, Wisconsin told us the library will be hosting a Crane Party event tonight beginning at 6:30 pm for the 5 and 6 year old students in Mrs. Reininger’s kindergarten class.

This class has been learning all about the endangered Whooping crane and have created works of art, and have provided information about what they have learned throughout their crane studies.

The following caught my eye, as just yesterday we posted about the Royal Couple and how they formed a bond when female Whooping crane #3-14 was barely a year old.

You paid attention during the lessons Etta! Bravo!

Everyone is welcome so if you’re in the Green Lake area, why not stop by the Caestecker Library tonight and join the party?!

518 Hill St, Green Lake, WI – 920-294-3572

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  1. Jean P. aka CrabtowneMd February 2, 2018 10:02 am

    Awesome grasp of crane behavior and so well stated. Applause to Etta and her fabulous teacher.

  2. Elsie Sealander February 1, 2018 5:26 pm

    It’s certainly the right age to get the children aware of other animals besides themselves.

  3. Doug Pellerin February 1, 2018 9:13 am

    I’ll be there, should be fun.

    • Heather Ray February 1, 2018 10:05 am

      Say hi to Etta for me!

  4. Maggie Turk February 1, 2018 8:27 am

    Looks like Etta has it all figured out how Whooping Cranes get to know each other. KUDOS to her. Guess we all should pay closer attention “in class”!!!