Wild #1-06

I know that it’s been disappointing that the eastern migratory population hasn’t reached enough success to be considered self-sustaining; nevertheless I am so proud of Wild #1-06. She is the first EVER chick to be hatched from the reintroduced population in Wisconsin.

She is also the ONLY surviving bird left from 2006 when we lost most of the chicks, due to a storm. Thankfully, she migrated with her parents #17-02 and #11-02 to Hernando County, Florida. While trackers were originally concerned about the habitat they were using in people’s back yards, eating under bird feeders, I guess in the long run it was a better choice.

Her first spring back to Wisconsin she followed mom and dad like a good little bird and once home she packed her bags and said goodbye. Just like she’s was supposed to do.

At only age 2 she practiced building and sitting on her first nest with #10-03. She no longer spends her winter in Hernando County, FL but instead has followed her mate to Colleton County, South Carolina.

At age 5, in the spring of 2011 she hatched her first chick! Although the chick didn’t survive, it was still a momentous occasion – the first wild chick hatched by a wild chick was certainly cause for celebration. The following two years with #10-03 were chick-less.

In the spring of 2014 she acquired a new mate, #1-10; a much younger man. Maybe she felt he would make better dad material? Their first spring together didn’t produce any chicks but in 2016 they hatched two chicks that unfortunately did not survive the summer.

They tried again in the spring 2017 and hatched a chick that made it to 38 days old this time. This girl is trying so hard to add to the population.

Moppet #W1-06.

There are only 3 of the specially made moppets left, made in her honor. Maybe you could purchase one and cheer her on this spring, give her some motherly advice and send some good vibes her way.

I just can’t believe that she isn’t going to one day be a successful mother and help us on our way to creating a self-sustaining population.

During the northward migration period, moppets constructed lovingly by Mary O’Brien from costumes worn while working with the Whooping Cranes are being offered at half of the original price. There are limited numbers available so be sure to get yours soon!

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