Phenological Mismatch

What is phenological mismatch and why does it matter? 

The changing climate around the globe is causing many issues for species.


Read more from the New York Times: 

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  1. Gums May 4, 2018 3:48 pm

    I wonder if the authors ever heard of Darwin?

    Not to argue about human influence upon our environment, especially in the local area, but seems to me that a degree or two of temperature change across the globe in a hundred years will not result in massive species extinction.

    I have personally witnessed fish, mammal and fowl adaptation to changes in weather patterns over several years. Not massive global changes, but microclimates.

    We are not looking at a catastrophic extinction event, folks. We and all the critters have seen huge changes in the “climate” and many of us are still here. Some are not because they could not adapt quickly or mitigate or migrate as we humans can.

    Be wary of those who are crying wolf. Some have their act together and facts, others are simply parroting the gospel of those who are getting notoriety and/or $$$ for claiming impending doom if we do not stop using gasoline to get to our lake cabin or the wildlife area in Wisconsin to see the cranes.

    Gums opines…