Urban Living Drives Evolution

The evolutionary process is an incredibly fascinating subject and new research is proving that at least in cities, wildlife is evolving astonishingly fast. From mosquitoes, to birds, to bobcats, the adaptations that have occurred as a result of changes that humans have made to their natural habitat is very surprising and not something I had ever known about before.

I’ve always thought of evolution as being a thing that happened in the past but in reality it is occurring around us every day.

Evolutionary biologist, Menno Schilthuizen, author of Darwin Comes to Town talks to Simon Worrall from National Geographic about his book.

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  1. Babs – Seattle June 13, 2018 7:57 am

    Ordered the book, ‘Darwin Comes to Town’ .. it’s going to be very interesting to read. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I’ve been watching both a ground-feeding bird (Junco) and my crows learn to adapt to using my suet feeders. They try .. and try .. and try some more until they really get it! It’s as much of an education for me as it is for them!!

  2. charlotte mullen June 12, 2018 12:23 pm

    Chris, thanks for posting this interesting article. Evolution is obviously an on-going thing and very interesting to observe