Do Birds Understand Other Birds?

I’ve always been curious if the language of birds is universal and do they understand the calls of each different species.  Apparently the answer to that question is yes! (Kind of). 

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Did you know the Black-capped chickadee adds “dee’s” to the end of it’s call to signify danger?

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  1. Babs – Seattle July 12, 2018 2:12 pm

    Thanks, Chris .. these little guys are one of my favorites. And thanks for the audio clip .. I’m going to listen a bit more carefully. I will say, tho’ ..when the bigger birds like the crows start giving their danger calls (attack on chicks by a hawk) it seems that all the other birds know there is a problem and react to it.

    I can hand feed some of the chickadees .. and if enough of them show up, they’re perched all over me! Right now, they’re being chased off the feeders by a group of flickers .. who actually seem determined to chase anything they see.

    I hope the chickadees get up the courage (nerve!) to come back to the feeder. I really need to set up more baffles and barriers to the bigger birds since the jays and yes .. the crows are lurking, too. Ever see a crow hanging upside down at a suet feeder? It was an interesting ‘learning’ process for them.