Get Your RAFFLE Tickets!

For the past couple of years, a very generous, local resident has made birdhouses for our staff to create our own masterpieces from.

This has become a popular fundraiser for Operation Migration and we are forever grateful to Cal Holland for making this opportunity available to us. 

Bird houses, designed by Colleen Chase, Bev Paulan & Brooke Pennypacker, Chris Danilko, Jo-Anne Bellemer and Heather Ray were recently available in our online auction, which ended Sept. 22nd.

You’ll notice there is one artists name missing from the list above, and that would be Joe Duff. Joe went way above and beyond this year with his design and we want to make certain everyone has an opportunity to take it home. 

Here is Joe’s incredible bird house. Get your tickets today!

We’re running a raffle, which was held at both at the Princeton Whooping Crane Festival, which ran last week and online. To purchase tickets through our website click this link. Raffle tickets are sold in sets of 5 for $5 and they will be available until 6am ET October 1st so there are only a few days left to get yours.

All tickets will be combined and a winning name will be drawn October 1st and the winner will be notified by email/telephone before your masterpiece is shipped to them.



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