Last Call for OM Merchandise!

You’ve no doubt heard the news that Operation Migration is closing. That means that the merchandise we have is IT! 

And THAT means you can’t procrastinate placing your order any longer, that is unless you are coming to this year’s CraneFest in Princeton, Wisconsin!

Here’s a link to our MARKETPLACE, and here’s a link to learn more about CRANEFEST

All orders will receive a free OM Lapel Pin and Refrigerator Magnet or other goodies (while supplies last)! 

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  1. Don Newman September 25, 2018 9:51 am

    Is it at all possible, that a flock of about 15 or so, could have flown over SW Washington state, September 24th? High flying, maybe 2500-300 ft,very large bird. I could hear their call, long before I could see them. It was a karoo, karoo type sound. It was a bright, cloudless day. When I first spotted them, I thought they were bald eagles, but quickly realized they had to be some type of crane. Their heads, down the neck, seemed white and the body a light grey color.

    • Heather Ray September 25, 2018 3:48 pm

      These would be Sandhill cranes Don. Unmistakable call 🙂

  2. Carolyn Baird Cofer August 25, 2018 6:16 am

    The hard work of OM is appreciated by people and cranes. Thank you!