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This page is dedicated to every student and every classroom that has participated in our Change4Cranes fundraising program. This page will be continually updated as we receive more stories and photographs from participants around the globe!

If you or your class is a Change4Cranes participant and you'd like to have your story and photograph posted on the website, please send them to Heather Ray.

If you are a student or teacher, or would like to otherwise be involved in our Change4Cranes program, please visit the registration site here


Participating Schools:


University of Chicago Lab Schools - Chicago, IL

Ms. Harrison's Grade Two class signed up quickly for this 2008 Change4Cranes program following the success of their predecessors in 2007. This class won the drawing for a visit from the migration team while they were passing through Illinois and on November 19th, Joe Duff and Heather Ray stopped in to visit with these very enthusiastic young Craniacs.

The kids all asked some fantastic questions and it was quite evident that they knew their Whooping crane facts!

Thanks VERY much for participating in the 2008 C4C program and for teaching your students about the importance of safeguarding the Whooping crane!

Dear Heather and the OM Team,
Well, I finally lugged the 20+ lb. backpack of change to the bank. Our original class estimate was around $989, but once the children realized that we were only $11 short of $1000, several children brought in more money the next day. The kids were so excited & motivated about this fundraiser. They were determined to beat the amount we raised last year ($568.84) and they did!

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, Harper ( and little sister Greer) set up a hot chocolate stand to raise money for Operation Migration. It was lots of fun and a great success. The whole family got into it -- helping to making origami cranes, scheming about the most effective way to sell them, making whipped cream to top the hot chocolate, keeping the thermos full and talking up the neighbors.

Anna, who has had a real passion for this study, also did some creative fundraising. She produced a colorful "Save Whooping Cranes" sign with pictures of the Whoopers on it (adults and chicks) and taped it to the back of a music stand. Anna, her mom, and little brother, Jonah, became gypsies with violin, drum, and voice. They serenaded Metro travelers in the train station as they returned to Hyde Park from Downtown. The commuters were quite generous and some were very interested to hear about the class project.

So....(drum roll please)...the grand total raised by the second graders of Room 309 is $1145.03!!!!

The check will be mailed on Monday. The kids will find out about this total on Monday, our first day back after the long winter break. What a thrill it will be to tell them! I can't wait to see their faces. I'll be sure to take a class photo then and send it on to you.

Ms. Harrison

(Heather: Lisa, Anna, Harper, Sammy, Grant and the rest of the Craniac Kids at Chicago Lab Schools - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest in safeguarding the Whooping crane and for you outstanding efforts to raise Change4Cranes and support our work! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

St. Bede Kindergarten - Pittsburgh, PA

Ms. Nancy Eddy's youngsters have already rounded up two miles worth of change, and are working on a third! Using a variety of fundraisers, including a bake sale and lots of support from their parents, these future wildlife watchers have definitely shown us their Craniac Kid gumption! Thanks for the support, and we're looking forward hearing more from Kindergarten class at St. Bede.

Handmade signs and soaring paper cranes donated by parents decorate the St. Bede Kindergarten class.

Ms. Eddy shows off her Craniac center.

Windemere Public School, Windemere, FL

Teacher Lynn Tidmus' class is again participating in the Change4Cranes initiative and submitted the following photo of some of her students as they kicked off the 2008 campaign. Lynn's class raised almost $3000.00 last year and we're looking forward to following up with them in the coming weeks to see how their 2008 effort is going.


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