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The CraneCam Chattery will meet regularly throughout the 'down' season at the following times: Saturdays 8am CST Tuesdays & Thursdays 8pm CST

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We would like to remind you that you are watching a LIVE stream from a wildlife area. The wildlife and actions you may see, can occasionally, be upsetting for some.

What we have set out to do with the CraneCam is allow you a view of the trials and tribulations of the wildlife in the area. This includes Sandhill and Whooping cranes, turkeys, deer, coyotes, foxes and many others – some of which are predators and some of which are prey.

It is our policy to not intervene in any situation unless it is a human-caused emergency. If you find watching the cams too upsetting, we are sorry and suggest that you stop watching. It is at our discretion to turn off the camera if the situation is really difficult to watch.

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