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We would like to thank our sponsors for their support.

And in turn, we encourage that when possible,
you give them your support.
Atlanta-based Southern Company is the premier energy company in the Southeast, serving nearly 4.4 million customers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. One of the largest U.S. producers of electricity, Southern Company also is a leader in environmental stewardship and conservation.

To improve habitat and biodiversity in its service area, Southern Company has contributed $10.5 million to fund three grant programs over a 10-year period in partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation -- a founding member of the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership. The Longleaf Legacy program supports restoration of the longleaf pine ecosystem, the South's most distinctive and imperiled forest and home to many endangered species.

Southern Company also is the lead corporate sponsor for the Southeast region of the national Five Star Restoration program, a small grants program funding community-based wetland, riparian and coastal restoration efforts.  Additional Five Star program partners include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Association of Counties and Wildlife Habitat Council.  For more information, visit the Southern Company Web site

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Congress in 1984 and dedicated to the conservation of fish, wildlife and plants, and the habitat on which they depend. The Foundation creates partnerships between the public and private sectors to strategically invest in conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.

The Power of Flight program protects birds and their habitats, such as bobwhite quail, red-cockaded woodpecker, terns, plovers, swallow-tailed kites and now Whooping cranes. Operation Migration is a proud recipient of the 2008 Power of Flight grant program.

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The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) was established in 1995 as a global awards program for the study and protection of the world's wildlife and ecosystems. It provides annual awards to US nonprofit conservation organizations working alongside their peers in other countries. Many of the recipient organizations concentrate their activities on "biological hotspots" -- areas rich in plant and animal life at risk of imminent destruction.

Since its inception, the fund has contributed more than $10 million, distributed among 540 projects in more than 68 countries. Each project is evaluated on specific criteria, including scientific methodologies, magnitude of need, involvement of partner organizations, ability to impact an area in the near-term, and elements of public education and community involvement. Through awards from its Fund, Disney helps ensure the survival of wildlife and wild places in all their beauty and diversity. 

Operation Migration is a grateful recipient of funding through the DWCF; a total of over $100,000 since the Whooping crane project’s inception.

Hooper Corporation offers you nearly a century of excellence in specialized construction services and design. Founded, in 1913, on the principle of forming strong client partnerships, Hooper has remained an innovative leader in mechanical and electric power construction while expanding its services to meet customer needs.

Hooper and its subsidiary general, continue to match the latest technology with an experienced workforce throughout the continental United States. The result is an efficient, cost-conscious solution that keeps your project on schedule and under budget-regardless of size.

North Sails has become the world leader in sail making through an ongoing commitment to making sails that are faster, lighter and longer lasting than any other sails in the world. Whether you race or cruise, North Sails is committed to designing and building sails that are just right for you! When performance matters, the choice is clear.

North Sails very generously created wing covers for the fleet of ultralight aircraft used to guide Whooping cranes from Wisconsin to Florida each Autumn. Thanks to their efforts we no longer have to wait on very cold migration mornings for the sun to melt any frost that used to form on the large wings. Thank you North Sails!

Family Campers & RVers is an organization dedicated to camping fellowships, the preservation of our international heritage, and the strengthening of family bonds through shared activities in the out-of-doors! We are a member owned organization with activities and programs for youth, teens, adults and retirees.

FCRV also has programs in many areas, including: conservation, wildlife, self-propelled camping (SPC), and disaster awareness training (DAT). FCRV have been supporting Operation Migration since 1998 and we are grateful for their dedication to wildlife restoration.


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