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Photo Information and Request Form

In addition to those shown in Photo Journals on our website, OM has thousands of still images and extensive video footage in its Image Library.

Revenue from Right of Reproduction fees helps us to continue our work with the endangered Whooping crane. The fee charged for photo use ranges between US$75 to $300 dependent on the image(s) selected, the intended use, and length of use. In instances where fees are waived, to offset staff time consumed in fulfilling the request, a US $50 administration fee is charged.

To process a photo request we require the following information.

Full name:



Email address:


Required image size and dpi:

Full description of intended use of image:


Date needed:

Method of image delivery (email/cd):

Name of image(s) requested or detailed description:
*Please provide the url if possible


In an effort to reduce computer-generated spam please ADD TOGETHER (sorry to make you do math) the two red security codes above. Answering this easy math problem helps us know that an actual person is submitting this information!(required)



The user will be required to acknowledge and signify their acceptance of the following:

  1. That Operation Migration is the sole holder of all copyrights for the supplied image(s);
  2. That the image(s) provided shall only be used for the purpose stated.
  3. That unless otherwise provided for in the final Agreement, all rights of reproduction are granted for a one time use only;
  4. That unless otherwise agreed to in writing, rights of reproduction shall expire on the date indicated in the Agreement ;
  5. That the User shall not include the provided image(s) in stock libraries, resell, or reproduce the image(s) in any format at any time.
  6. reproduction of same in any format at any time by any party is strictly prohibited;
  7. That the User shall guarantee that Operation Migration will be given prominent photo credit on or immediately adjacent to the image(s) in the following form: that is,
  8. The User agrees not to use or authorize others to use the image(s) for any purpose differing from the purpose stated on the request form without written permission of Operation Migration.


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