About Us

There’s something magical about flight, and ever since man saw the first bird effortlessly gliding through the sky, we’ve yearned to imitate and follow their lead. Humanity has been obsessed with birds since the dawn of recorded history, and even though we’ve managed to chase them into the heavens, we’ll never be able to replicate their innate and enviable natural ability. 

Hi, I’m Daniel Chavez, and like the rest of mankind, I’ve always been fascinated by and obsessed with birds and watching, and studying them in their natural environment. As a teenager I used to enjoy nothing more than spending my weekends with my grandfather watching the red-tailed hawks and Mississippi kites circle the desert roads of New Mexico. And, as the years past, my passion and enthusiasm for birds grew ever stronger

This is why I started Operation Migration, to provide an outlet for my life’s work outside of the halls of academia. This site is dedicated to exploring the avian world and sharing as much information as possible about the endlessly fascinating lives of birds from all over the globe, and I hope that after spending some time here, you’ll feel the same way as I do about the incredible denizens of the Aves kingdom.

Welcome to Operation Migration…